[different] is the magazine from The Completely Group. It’s our look at the property sector – but from a slightly different viewpoint. We’ve interviewed the best and the brightest, we discuss the latest trends in retail, marketing and branding.

Influencing the cover is an interview with Shain Sharpiro, who talked to us about the part that music can play in placemaking. And special to this edition, with the help of those featured, we’ve created our very own Spotify Playlist – do take a listen.

Next stop, it’s all about the Nordics. Our newest Completely Retail Marketplace event going to Stockholm this autumn, and we’ve talked to Grovesnor’s Carl Strufve about its latest developments in Sweden, discussed the Mall in Finland where you can shop and surf, and looked into why shopping and leisure is booming in the Nordics.

We’ve also spoken with Juliette Morgan about British Land’s holistic approach to business environments and office space, where customer insight has been at the heart of their campus revolution.

Great content, beautifully designed – that’s [different]

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Inside Issue #10 | Autumn 2017

Inside issue 10